Tatiana Sanches Sound Editor - Sound Designer


Sound Editor and Sound Designer who worked on projects of various media, such as Film, Broadcast TV, Streaming, Games and Podcast; and of various genres such as Fiction, Scripted Drama, Animation, Documentaries, and Commercials.

Past works included several feature films and TV/Streaming series for Amazon Prime, BBC, Cartoon Network, CBeebies, Disney Plus, HBO, Netflix, Star Plus, Spotify, TruTv. In addition, completed the full sound post (Sound Editing, Foley, and Mixing) on many short films. 

In 2023 I was invited to join BAFTA as a Connect member in recognition of my contribution to the film and television industries to date and my promising career ahead.

Passionate about telling stories with sounds, where the narrative, characters, and visuals are enhanced and amplified by a rich and detailed sonic palette, where every project is unique, with its essence and particular needs for sound. Adding a new dimension to its cinematic experience and, therefore, audience engagement.